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Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane

Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane

Chiến lược gia người Pháp has màn ra mắt hoàn hảo while giúp "Ken Ken trắng" Gianh chiến thắng "5 sao" trong cuộc tiếp Deportivo tại vòng 19 La Liga lúc 2h30 ngày 10/1.
Tổng hợp trận đấu: Real Madrid 5-0 Deportivo
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Huấn luyện viên (HLV) Zinedine Zidane chịu many nghi ngờ after tiếp quản ghế nóng từ người tiền nhiệm Rafa Benitez đầu tuần trước. Tuy nhiên, Zizou already have a response unable thuyết phục than trên sân cỏ.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Tiếp đối thủ khó chịu much as Deportivo La Coruna, đội quân HLV Zidane of activities dễ dàng Gianh chiến thắng 5-0, qua that tiếp tục bám đuổi Barcelona in cuộc đua to ngôi vô địch mùa this.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Gareth Bale is người chơi nổi bật nhất in in đội hình Real Madrid. Ngôi sao người xứ Wales lập hat-trick vào those phút 22, 49 and 63 góp phần vào chiến thắng "5 sao" của đội nhà.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Đây lần lượt is bàn thắng thứ 49, 50 and 51 of Gareth Bale in trận thứ 108 khoác áo Real Madrid. Cựu cầu thủ Tottenham beyond thành tích of the person thầy Zidane while huyền thoại người Pháp còn khoác áo "Ken Ken trắng".
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Trọng sự nghiệp thi đấu, Zizou ghi 49 bàn sau 231 trận, gấp đôi số trận of Gareth Bale.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
With the hat-trick vào lưới Deportivo, Gareth Bale nâng tổng số pha lập công tại La Liga tại giải năm nay lên 12, and only còn kém hai chân sút chủ lực Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema 2 bàn.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Karim Benzema also ngày thi đấu ấn tượng. Tiền đạo người Pháp mở tỷ số phút 14. Anh that is chính người ấn định chiến thắng 5-0 cho đội nhà phút 90 + 1.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Karim Benzema nâng số bàn thắng cho Real Madrid tai La Liga mùa this lên con số 14, sánh ngang thành tích of Ronaldo but performance better. Cựu tiền đạo Lyon chỉ mat 14 trận to create a ra con số trên, during CR7 cần to 19 trận.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Ronaldo thi đấu much Không có lực in ngày ra mắt of HLV Zidane. Tuy nhiên, siêu sao người Bồ Đào Nha Can not have bàn thắng cho riêng mình.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Theo thống kê, Ronaldo tung ra tổng cộng 10 cú sút but could not anh khuất phục thủ thành been Poroto Lux (3 lần) or give bóng trúng khung gỗ (1 lần).
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Tuy vậy, cựu ngôi sao MU that ghi dấu ấn for cú đúp kiến ​​tạo tình huống in Gareth Bale nâng tỷ số lên 3-0 and Karim Benzema ấn định tỷ số 5-0 at phút cuối cùng.
Real Madrid đại thắng 5-0 in ngày ra mắt tân HLV Zidane
Chiến thắng this help Bất tiếp tục như vậy kè Cung Barcelona and Atletico in cuộc đua to ngôi vô địch. Sau 19 vòng đấu, đội quân of tân HLV Zidane Gianh 40 điểm, kém Atletico, Barca lần lượt 1 và 2 điểm but more chơi 1 trận.

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Why say anything about the movie 'King Kong' filmed in Vietnam?

Why say anything about the movie 'King Kong' filmed in Vietnam?

Tom Hiddleston - famous actor in his role Loki world Marvel superhero movie, is the biggest star of the blockbuster "Kong: Skull Island" filmed in Vietnam.
Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts made with a production budget of 190 million dollars, Kong: Skull Island is the latest creation of the brand King Kong, is expected to launch a global audience in March 3/2017.

Especially prepared blockbuster perform many scenes in Vietnam, bringing the stars to direct the scene, instead of grafting green font as the Pan project last year.

Movie 'King Kong' part 2 shot in Vietnam prepared
After the Vietnam government allows, the crew "Kong: Skull Island" began filming in Vietnam deployed.

In the movie, the main character shown by Tom Hiddleston. This is a 34 year-old British star, is internationally best known for his role Loki's evil in the world of Marvel superhero movies and Disney Studios. Most recently, he appeared in the thriller Crimson Peak work of director Guillermo del Toro in autumn 2015.

Why say anything about the movie 'King Kong' filmed in Vietnam?
Leading role of Kong: Skull Island, Tom Hiddleston likely to be present in Vietnam to join the scene is done in the Southeast Asian nation. Picture: GQ
In an interview with DreadCentral, Tom Hiddleston shared: "It is the action adventure King Kong tribute to, as well as the giant monster movie lines (kaiju) legend. Film follows a man because I represent. He arrived mysterious island and it is home to the monkey king.

Expedition team trying to go into the island without knowing that's what they did not do. The story still focuses on King Kong, but placed in the context of a completely different time than the previous films of the brand ".

Reply Page Fangoria, Tom Hiddleston continue to bring more information about Kong: Skull Island. He said: "Work like the new interpretations of the legendary King Kong. Strength sense of story, a metaphor through monkey king remains. But we put it into a new environment, with several new characters, are more or less related to King Kong ".

Regarding his character reflected, British actor revealed: "My character heroic in nature, but came and his career is something unprecedented in the series King Kong. Both characters Brie Larson, too. I declare that the audience will find interesting about that ".

Why say anything about the movie 'King Kong' filmed in Vietnam?
Main actors Tom Hiddleston in Kong: Skull Island is Brie Larson - the actress is the US media paid special attention in the last year thanks to the film Room (2015). Photo: A24
Finally, in an interview with Variety, Tom Hiddleston explained that "there are no surprises directors get maps, there are no less fortunate actress anymore ... We respect original, but wants to have access to and exploitation of King Kong story fresh perspective because this is the legendary brand and I believe people would love to see the king of monkeys ".

Kong: Skull Island to start shooting in Hawaii, USA from October 10/2015. Also Tom Hiddleston, with the participation of film much like Brie Larson other star, Toby Kebbell, Corey Hawkins, John C. Reilly, Tom Wilkinson, Samuel L. Jackson, wings ... In particular, the heroine of the Brie Larson - one of heavyweight candidates in the category Actress Oscar in 2016 for excellence in film Room.

Recently, the company Legendary Pictures and crew finished preproduction phase and is ready for the process in Vietnam shooting after receiving written permission from the Government Office.

Confront Godzilla King Kong onscreen 2020
Warner. Bros and Legendary Pictures decided to combine the two brands leading monster movie in the next 5 years.

Themselves Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. publisher very confident in Kong: Skull Island. According to the plan, after the project, King Kong character has encounters with the "king of the monsters" Godzilla in Godzilla vs. super blockbuster Kong, scheduled for release in 2020.
China stocks plunge chance for Vietnam?

China stocks plunge chance for Vietnam?

If the market moves look like a pendulum, the China Securities after the period to come up with strong share price increase is entering the stage went down with the stock price plummeted.
Many investors believe that, with good macro basis, the economic growth of Vietnam, the Chinese stock plunge is giving them a chance. By comparison with other countries in the region, Vietnam's stock market is evaluated attractive for investors.

Caution and waiting
After days of panic, 8/1 morning session, the VN-Index 561.39 points pausing in landmark. Oil and gas stocks helped the index attempts on Ho Chi Minh City regained 560 points mark. However, the cash flow is not strong enough to support the market. Liquidity morning both markets reached 1,376 billion.

Evolutions Asian stock markets rally 8/1 days back with the Hang Seng Index, Nikei 225, Shanghai Com same rally supposedly positive impact on investor sentiment.

However, the story "collapsed to the floor," a row of Chinese stocks in the early days is still the subject of interest of experts and investors. According to that, in 2016, Vietnam's stock market to come under pressure from new exchange rate policy, from the fluctuations of the world economy ... And China is unpredictable risks.

China stocks plunge chance for Vietnam?
Stock markets plunged following the second trading day 7/1. Photo: Getty.
According to Le Hai Tra - Deputy General Director of Department of Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE), even in the early days, the challenges have appeared and obvious impact. In 2015, the difficulties of China has a strong impact on the global economy. And the fact the yuan into the basket of international monetary reserves from December 10/2016 will increasingly influential.

"In aspects relating to stock, I saw that the yuan as an international reserve into the basket, the uncertainty of it will subtract that must follow market mechanisms clearly. Therefore, volatility of the currency exchange rate of China versus other currencies will tend to increase, brought about the consequences. With a very large aperture in trade relations between the two countries, the dong sure will come under pressure, meaning our businesses will suffer. And the stock market is affected as a given, "he Tra analysis.

This person also said that the fact is there are threaded concern opinion. "It seems that many people are worried that a huge recession awaits us in this 2016. Many also presage that, there are some early signs of a recession as the time in 2008, they foresee the omens are not good.

Even billionaire George Soros US Treasury has also warned the world market will be faced with a crisis, and advised investors to be very cautious. But it was all forecasts, we must be careful and wait and see, "he shared more tea.

However, for investors, the Chinese stock market volatility, in certain aspects is giving them the opportunity. HOSE data shows that in 2015, many foreign investors have to learn about the stock market of Vietnam.

HOSE welcomed 43 foreign delegations to explore the market, most of the institutional investors. In addition, many individual investors in Thailand were constantly organizations to explore opportunities. Most foreign investors are evaluating, Vietnam market is not to be missed.

The losing session is just dotted flowers?
Share with, investors Duy Linh in Ho Chi Minh City said that the Chinese stock market fell sharply in the first day is only one event in the whole process of decline of the stock market This water bond.

The sell-off session, fell early strengths was the event that caused much of the public attention. But if tracking movements of the stock China in recent years, the decline was a long process, and the strong drop is the "flower dotted" on that process.

Mr. Linh said that if the stock market look like a pendulum oscillating, then China's stock after the period to come up with strong share price increase is entering the stage went down, with the corresponding stock price fell.

This investor said that the Chinese government has sought to market decline is not an impossible task. Because the stock market can not go down too long. It's like a pendulum, the more powerful the more it will be down sharply this much.

"The stock market always oscillate like a pendulum unit, as far equilibrium increase how much, when it will also reduce further reduced equilibrium much. Because in stage rally, many individual investors have used shares as collateral to purchase, create price bubbles. So when stock prices fall, people borrow money to buy shares which will be unwinding, causing very deep market slump could bottom and bounce back, "said Linh analysis.

Identify implications for Vietnam market, investors believe, surely the domestic market will be influenced by the Chinese market, by the financial markets of the world have interconnecting relationships . As China's stock slump will drag Asian markets fell, followed by the European market, the US. So Vietnam can not stand apart from this influence.

But the stock market has a special structure. The structure which creates continual oscillation between the upward trend peaked, then followed the downtrend to bottom and then rise again. In a downtrend, investors use the high margin rate will tend to be the brokers selling the shares, which is the inevitable.
Apple iPhone hesitated between 3 different 7

Apple iPhone hesitated between 3 different 7

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently testing three different designs for the iPhone 7.
They have not decided what design choices to put into mass production to serve his debut in the autumn of this year.

According to Gurman, the No. 3 Apple prototype testing, a completely new design with ultra-slim designs. The other model is considered redundant in the case of the remaining 2 design could not complete as expected. This backup is not much different design than the iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone hesitated between 3 different 7
CEO Tim Cook faces a difficult year for the iPhone product line. Photo: Getty Images.
Apple just use contingency plans in case of force majeure because they understand, users expect an iPhone 7 has a completely new design. Adding a version of "S" launched this year could make its reputation serious decline.

Besides, Apple knew something goes out stars in 2016. According to a recent forecast from Wall Street Journal, sales of the iPhone from Apple could face state sales declined for the first time since its launch in 2007. They need a new smartphone, sexy to attract users.

A major change in the iPhone 7 may be the carrier of death 3.5mm headphone jack. Instead, Apple may use this type of earphone wireless headphones from Beats alongside new iPhone. This headset will debut at the same time but separately sold compared with the iPhone and it is designed entirely wireless (wireless connected device, wireless between two ears left and right).

This is a fairly new technology and headset just been adopted by several small manufacturers. It requires a lot of challenges in terms of design as well as outsourcing, one of which is the signal transmission Bluetooth ear tip from one side to the other.

Of course, with the Apple spent about $ 8 billion for research and development of new technologies, they absolutely have the resources to create a different headset.

7 iPhone Battery 3,100 mAh Plus will, capacity 256 GB
If true, this could be valuable information to the followers of the line big screen iPhone from Apple.

The improvement of the A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy new version

The improvement of the A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy new version

2 new generation smartphone of Samsung's line of A series with many differences in design focus.
A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy (model 2016) was inspired by the high-end phones like Samsung Galaxy S6 previous or Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The manufacturer has replaced the entire back surface aluminum case with glass. This design looks sleek 2 models, more luxurious, but the drawback is fragile on impact and feeling uncomfortable when leaving sweaty hands.

Despite discarded aluminum back surface but the overall design of the line A 2016 series aluminum frame metal remains, like the Galaxy line advanced S6 or new Galaxy Note 5. To create stylized and features, Samsung has bevelled concave sides machine-like objects formerly Alpha Galaxy. Manufacturers also remove diamond beveled edges, instead is designed rounded, smooth, feels good grip and no celery.

The improvement of the A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy new version
Macro A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy 2016 release.
Super AMOLED screen of the Galaxy A5, A7 (2016) has the size of 5.2 inches, respectively, and 5.5 inches with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), bright images, flattering eye; floating colors like red, yellow display good, black is shown max.

In addition to upgrading the design, configuration is featured in the Galaxy A7, A5 (2016). 2 property products Exynos processor 1.6 GHz 8-core Cortex-A53 instead of the previously used A5 Galaxy 410 and Galaxy A7 Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 615.- use which, A7 3GB RAM is upgraded from 2 GB RAM ; Galaxy A5 (2016) with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory and still possesses an expandable memory card slot.

For users with the opportunity to experience the latest two product lines of this Samsung system Viettel Retail Store Event offline at 9.30am Tech 9/1 days at Viettel Store Supermarket 1 Ngoc Khanh street Instructor Vo Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi or 20 3/2, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC. Participants will receive discount vouchers 1 million and a chance to win Samsung Galaxy A5 / A7 free.
Z5 Compact Xperia deep discounts at 5 million

Z5 Compact Xperia deep discounts at 5 million

The most compact smartphone in the Xperia line Z series 3 late 2015 launch has been revised down to 9.99 million.
Z5 Compact Xperia Vietnam on the first days of November with the listing price 14.99 million. In the price correction takes place a month later, Sony dropped the price for the Xperia Z5, Z3 + but not silent on Compact form, until the beginning of 1/2016.

A series of major retailers both in bulk for sale listing price of Xperia Z5 Compact at 9.99 million, down 5 million compared to the previous.

Z5 Compact Xperia deep discounts at 5 million
Z5 Compact Xperia newly adjusted price. Screenshots.
Thus, compared with two other products of high-end Z series, Z5 Compact has a pretty big difference, respectively 6 (vs. Dual Z5) and 10 million (with Z5 Premium).

The Sony sudden shock discount luxury products is not new smartphone. Earlier in 2014 and 2013, which were suddenly dropped about $ 4 million for the Xperia Z and Xperia TX Ultra. The whole point of these products when the discount is not sufficiently attractive machine with the user.

With Xperia Z5 Compact, we have reason to believe the same thing. Launched at the same time should Z5 Compact blinded by the glamor of the two predecessor was Z5 Z5 and Premium.

Z5 Compact Xperia themselves poorly designed property higher, dropped a few more strategic while the selling price is not lower than the standard Z5 (14.99 compared to 15.99 million, before Reduces the price) .

Z5 Compact Xperia deep discounts at 5 million
Current market absent the screen Android smartphone is compact, powerful configuration as Sony Xperia Z5 Compact. Photo: Thanh Duy.
About the highlights, this is a rare Android smartphone on the market but owning small screens equipped with powerful configuration. Machines Qualcomm Snapdragon processor speed 810 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage. This device 23 megapixel camera stays cluster with the ability to focus in 0.025 seconds fastest in the world today, 5.1 megapixel front camera. With a 4.6 inch screen HD resolution, this model uses 2 day duration by 2,700 mAh battery. It supports 4G LTE connection speed Cat 6 with down / upload is 300/50 Mbps.

With deep discounts, Xperia Z5 Compact can become the brightest choice in the product group Premium access is serious competitor of the product as the HTC One A9 (11.59 million), Oppo R7s (9 , 49 million), Samsung Galaxy A7 in 2016 (10.99 million). The new rates are put on a par Xperia Z5 Compact Dual M5 form.

Justin Bieber - legendary writer

Justin Bieber - legendary writer

For the first time in the history of British music charts (since 1952) with an artist at the same time achieving the top spot, runners and absolute top 3. This victory belongs to Justin Bieber.
Closed in 2015 but the waves in the music roll on occasion of 2016. The negative balance continues to "stir hot" pop village; to make up for market pokes, bold paintings of popular music.

When the spotlight (and the media) have been flocking to the products and achievements of Taylor Swift, especially Adele was when Justin Bieber rise to new music products.

Record serial record

The first week of 2016, Justin Bieber was named in topped the UK singles chart on the song Love yourself. Just after 7 days, the prince of pop up unprecedented record at fogging. 3 songs Love Yourself, What Do You Mean, Sorry and? Occupies the top 3 on the music charts. Bieber has really become "the writer myth" in the history of pop music.

Justin Bieber - legendary writer
Justin Bieber on the chart record music when Britain occupied the third highest ranking.
This is the first time in the history of British music charts (since 1952) with an artist to do "impossible" is. Not to mention, the song Where Are You Now Justin Biber was also in the Top 40 at position 35.

Before achieving this record, Justin Bieber has also set up another feat in 2015. At age 21, he set a record for medium traffic first week spent on online music service Spotify. What Do You Mean hit? attracting more than 21 million views since its release on Spotify on Friday 28/8.

Recently, Billboard chose the song Where Are You Now Justin Bieber is the best song in 2015. The hit was much appreciated critic, choose to list Top best song. Bieber was the proud winner for the name "hot" years like Hello (Adele), Can not Feel My Face (The Weeknd) or Hotline BLING (Drake).

In the revival of traditional music market, Justin Bieber who also contributed an impressive figure. In the first week more than 522 thousand CDs were dispersed. Purpose No. 3 among the top-selling album in the US in 2015.

Justin Bieber - legendary writer
Continued success knocking with pop prince.
Chasing perfection

In the film 3 Idiots (Three Idiots) India's famous impression there is a saying: "Let's pursuit of perfection, success will follow you". Seems like Justin Bieber is so artistic style; he pursued perfection in "satellite" of his own.

To demonstrate this, Justin Bieber used to share about the record Where Are You Now hit. "I do not want it rustic. I mean it to be perfect" - he said. Finally, this is the best song in 2015 as assessed by many experts and reputable newspaper.

If the voice is the issue of "concern" for Justin Bieber, it is going into the past. From their first album to Purpose, Bieber was "broken voice" both literally and figuratively.

Male singer walked through puberty with the ability to take vocals but since then, he proved to be the opposite: voice broke synonymous with cute and transform all over.

Bieber's voice has been increasingly praised. Even commented that "amazing" when expressing Where Are You Now hit.

Justin Bieber - legendary writer
Justin Bieber is a testament to the saying "
Let's pursue excellence, success will follow you "
Besides, Justin Bieber is also very intelligent and a perfectionist in music. Where he partnered colleagues are greats of contemporary music scene. It is not only safe solution but also in the creation of something new and unique.

In certain aspects of life, Justin Bieber shows up with the pattern of a standard pop star. That is, you still have those "dark areas" in life; sometimes so severely affected that his career was build.

However, Justin Bieber has his own rebound. Album Purpose and success recently achieved is the result worth the effort of 21 male singers.